This middle Jurassic gastropod is Lamelliphorus species.  It is from the Holwell Quarry, Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire.  SK 744237



One of the more striking gastropods from the Barton Beds, Barton-on-Sea, Hampshire, is this one.  It is Athleta luctator and it is quite common in the muddy sediments.  Often, the posterior cone of the shell will be found broken off where the front of the shell is crushed.


Pleuromya costata is a Jurassic bivalve from the Ibex zone near Morton, Gloucestershire.  Many of the shell fossils from this location show this type of colouration.


This small gastropod has been sliced in half to show the internal chamber.  It is a specimen of Pleurotomaria redcarensis from Redcar in Cleaveland, UK.

Gryphaea 4

Gryphaea sublobata is a rock oyster with a less pronounced lobed valve than bilobata.  This fossil is from the Kelloways rocks near Hull, Humberside.

Gryphaea 3

Another form of rock oyster is Gryphaea bilobata.  This speciemn from the quarry at Farcet near Peterborough shows the twin lobed valve form which is common in the Oxford Clays.

Gryphaea 2

This Gryphaea arcuata fossil was collected at the same time and from the same sediment as that shown in the previous post.  The two fossils together show the range of variation within this species.