This modest sized gastropod shell is Leiomesus dalei from Walton on the Naze, Essex.  It was found in the Red Crag deposits.

These deposits are at the base of the Pleistocene which is at the more recent age range of this species.  This shell form is known from about 60-1.8 million years ago.  The exact form of this gastropod is not known but it may have been a predatory species like Natica.




This polished section of Halysites coral comes from Shropshire.  I have no more information than that.  It is a very striking specimen.


This is an encrustation of serpulid worm tubes.  These types of worm tubes can be found throughout the Mesozoic and in modern times, occurring in most parts of the oceans around the world today.  This fossil is middle Jurassic in age.


Another graptolite from the Birkhill Shales in Moffat, Dumfreisshire, Scotland.  This one is Orthograptus calcaratus and in places, the structure of the theca can be seen in relief and impression.


This broken bone fragment is about half of the third right carpal bone from a European Bison.  It came from Pleistocene deposits in Cambridgeshire, showing that bison were indigenous to the UK in prehistoric times.


This resin cast of Phacops was produced in 1989 for the Dinosaur Museum, Dorchester by Ancient Art of West Sussex.  There is no information with the cast and it has been sitting in the bottom of my fossil cabinet for may years.  I suspect it was given to me by someone and I have not made a record of the details.  Such a cast is a useful visual addition to a collection, but unless the provenance can be obtained, it has no real scientific value.

Resin casts

There are many fossils that are desirable in a collection, but for some reason they are unobtainable.  I have many partial remains of Calymene blumenbachi, including pygidia and cephalon parts, but I do not have a complete specimen.  This resin cast of a complete 4.5cm long individual carapace was purchased from the Birmingham City Museum shop some years ago.  It is of a specimen in the collections of the museum that was recorded from the Wrens Nest site in Dudley.