Visualizing pterosaur skulls can be difficult, especially from drawings and photographs.  It is much easier to see the representation in solid form.  This model is a work in progress, to model the skull of the Rhamphorhynchoid pterosaur, Cacibupteryx carabensis from the Jagua Formation of western Cuba.

The original skull was well-preserved, but incomplete, missing the anterior maxilla.  As a result, the tooth structure at the tip of the jaw is not known.  The model is a best guess in that respect.
2012-Dec25-Skull-3The overall shape is very solid for a pterosaur and it is characteristically similar to many of the more primitive species.  The lower jaw is not known as only the skull and part of the wing have been found.


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  1. Dear Friend, very nice work. I love the Cuban Jurassic vertebrates and I have several photos of all specimens in the main collections. Please let me know your email and I will provide you very good photos of the Cacibupteryx specimen.

  2. If you log onto The Pterosaur Database and click on Enquiries on the left menu, then select E-mail from within the text, You will be linked to my secure E-mail. Make sure your E-mail program is running. Images can be sent as attachments.

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