Gastropod 2

2012-Dec19-GastropodThis polished section of rock shows a similar smooth shelled gastropod to the last specimen.  The section is again directly across the wide part of the shell.



2012-Dec18-GastropodPolished rocks can show fossils in a different way, which can be confusing.  This is a section through the shell of a ribbed gastropod that has been filled with sediment containing other shelly material, before it was fossilized.

Shark Teeth 7

2012-Dec16-SharkThe distinct curve of a lateral tooth from Odontaspis substrata is seen here with a weather worn root and chemically eroded enamel layer.  This Eocene shark tooth is from Morocco.

Shark Teeth 5

2012-Dec14-SharkA broken tooth from a shark of Lamna species.  This is a mid lateral tooth with the biting cusp broken and the side cusps and part of the root worn away.  Many Eocene shark teeth are seen as fragments damaged during feeding.

Shark Teeth 4

2012-Dec13-SharkThis interesting tooth is from a selection of teeth attributed to Lamna species.  It is a posterior lateral tooth with a very small biting cusp.  It is not diagnostic of species and only its association with other teeth allows a species to be assigned.

Polished Limestone

2012-Dec12-GastropodThis piece of polished fossiliferous limestone contains a sectioned gastropod.  It is impossible to say which species as the diagnostic features are not visible.  It is Mesozoic in age, but the exact source is unknown.